Behind the Images

A photographer never has enough time. Time for all the images and projects that wait for an outlet.

The joy of being smack in the middle of a great moment, and the fear of dying too soon, are strong motivators to keep shooting, keep putting yourself out there, finding the moments that matter. 

Not sure whether I'm more addicted to the images or the experiences.

No matter. To do this over and over for 25+ years professonally is an obsession that brings continual fulfillment in my life, and I hope the same for the inspiring people I have photographed and continue to collaborate. See the About Page for testimonials from those whom I've been fortunate to meet and shoot for through the years.

I hope you find some resonance, and relevance, from the images. If you are a buyer, editor or art director, call to discuss your next project, and let's make a dent in the world.

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