Clients & Comments

Logos of companies who have used images or commissioned Ron Levy

    "Ron's images of people, nature and travel subjects have appeared in National Geographic
    publications for over 10 years. He is a consummate professional, and shows the utmost
    compassion with the subject matter he is covering. Ron has a special interest and talent in
    illustrating people in their natural environments,showing clearly and simply the special rela-
    tionship between subjects and their worlds. He is reliable, easy to get along with, quick to
    visualize a project, and delivers quality work on time...You can depend on him, as we have,
    in supplying you with the highest caliber of images for any project."
                                                                                 -- National Geographic Adventure

    "Ron Levy gets the picture!" -- John Morris, editor, LIFE Magazine, NY Times, WA Post

    "Thank you for your beautiful photography...(we) look forward to working with you."
                                                                                 -- Stanaszek Goodwin Design

    "The client is very pleased as well. Thanks for your work!"
                                                                                 -- Smartmoney, Hearst Communications

    ' were great, very dramatic...people loved the whole adventure of the story"
                                                                                 -- The London Times

    "Outstanding...true mastery of the photographic art" -- National Wildlife

    "Quite possibly the finest wedding photo I've ever seen" -- Arnold Newman,photographer

    "Thanks again for your spectacular shots of dog sledding" -- Bantam Books, Canada

    "The book cover image turned out great"      -- Bantam-Doubleday Dell

    "With great interest we saw your picture of the moose and would like to publish it as 
     Photo of the Month"                                     -- Das Tier, Germany

    "We ran your pic on the spread. The monkey/eagle shots are quite extraordinary. Many
     thanks for being so helpful"                         -- BBC Wildlife

    "The humanistic worlds of Bencze, Nacca, Levy and Sotres seem more window than  
     mirror, engaging the viewer with a part of the world rarely seen, although with stylistic
     flare..."                                                         -- Glenn Steiner, Art of Seeing

    "[Ron's photo] exemplifies everything we try to point out to the TV people we talk to."
                                                                         -- Jay Rockey Public Relations

  "Many thanks for your help & speedy reply...we now would like rights in all languages"  --  Weldon Owen Publishers, Australia

"Great photo, Congratulations" -- Former Governor Tony Knowles, Alaska (on photo chosen for exhibit in Carnegie Museum)

"Thank you for the wonderful article and photos in Animals Magazine" -- Bonnie Bergin, CEO and Founder, CCI

"Well done!" (commercial airline crash, Alaska) -- Associated Press

"The client loved the images!" -- Schwab

"Ron Levy stands out as a unique and talented individual...a high degree of self-initiative and creativity" -- US Fish & Wildlife Service